1st AC / Focus puller for danish short film

Are you Interested?

FROM 31-07-2018 TO 03-08-2018

Camera – Focus puller


(Unpaid job)

We're a small danish film crew shooting a short film i Barcelona from July 31st to August 3rd, who are looking for a 1st AC/focus puller to join our small crew.

Everyone on the film (cast and crew) are working for free. And we are paying meals, transport and accommodation out of our own personal money. Therefor we’re looking for someone who would be willing to help us out just for the experience.

About the job:
We need a great 1st AC/focus puller to assist our DOP.

About the crew:
– Director: Marc Sutton – http://marclouissutton.com/about/
– DOP: Rasmus Hasle – https://vimeo.com/rasmushasle

About the film:
The short film is called 'Daisies for Dave' and is a story based on the directors friend who committed suicide earlier this year. Tom is having a hard time dealing with his friends suicide and has travelled to Barcelona to commit suicide himself. However, when he randomly meets Elia things change.

Location: Barcelona, España

Camera – Focus puller

Language: English