21./22. March Madrid ENG envent

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FROM 21-03-2018 TO 22-03-2018

Camera – Camera operator


One all-round operator / cameraman who can set all up inc sound. Needs to be a good DOP, used to this set up and interviews / framing as we will be very light of people at the event sending just a journalist. So need must be able to chose the right framing.

Plus assistant to help moving and set up…

We will be filming interviews. And as only one camera you must also do pick-ups and reverses shots too. Regarding the media – I will need the cameraman to back up all the files to a drive that we will supply but also they have their own and keep the footage for 30 days in case of any issues with my drive.

We will have a small area to set up in but must also have the ability to go ENG.

Camera equipment required (full HD):

1 x Sony SF5 or SF7 camera ( or Canon C200 or C300’s with 1 x 24-105mm Cannon lenses)
(one camera without operator. Just fix during interviews
1 x Mains power suppliers for cameras
4 x High capacity Batteries for cameras

1 x Head phones for camera audio monitoring
4 x 32gb or 64gb camera media cards
1 x USB 3 media card reader
1 x Fluid head tripod

Audio: We are filming in an open area so would like the option to use lapel or head set mics

2 x ECM 77B wired Lapel mic with XLR connection or Sennheiser
2 x DPA twin over ear mics’ with XLR connection

Lighting: – For shooting 1 on 1 and 1 on 2 interviews.

1 x 3 way Dedolight LED lighting kit with 1 x soft box

2 x 1×1 Bi colour LED light panels with soft boxes and stands

2 x Mains cable extensions with 4 sockets each

1 x Anton/Bauer charger and battery’s for above lights. (or other brand)

Macbook with HDD. You must save the footage on the client´s HDD and keep a copy for safety until the client is back at his office and advises that you can delete it.

If you are interested, please send us your offer. [email protected]

Including transport within Madrid.

Location: Madrid, España

Camera – Camera operator

Language: English