Assistant Director (2nd)

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FROM 01-02-2013 TO 29-03-2018

Direction – Assistant Director (2nd.)



Arranging logistics
 Preparing expense reports
 Preparing daily call sheets
 Maintaining order on the set
 Coordinate with cast and crew
 Checking the arrival of cast and crew
 Manage light and non-confidential staff issues
 Responsibility to update everyone the agenda
 Visit shooting sites and verify all the major requirements
 Tracking daily progress against the filming production schedule
 Update Director about shooting schedule, last minute changes etc.
 Accountability complete all specific tasks and instructions as assigned by the Director
 Coordinate Art director & Production Manager

Work Profile: –

Working with the director to break the script down into a shot-by- shot ‘storyboard’ and
decide the order of shooting
 Planning a filming schedule, taking into account the director’s ideas and the available
 Overseeing the hire of locations, props and equipment
 Making sure that filming stays on schedule
 Motivating the cast and crew

Location: Delhi, India

Direction – Assistant Director (2nd.)

Language: English