Cameraman with Cannon C100 or equivalent filming in NTSC with a lighting kit for sit-down interviews

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FROM 28-11-2017 TO 06-12-2017

Camera – Camera operator


I already have one camerman but we are looking for a second cameraman for a couple of our interviews.
We have the audio recording equipment and all we need is a second camera set up with tripod, equivalent to a Cannon C100 and can shoot in NTSC.
With a lighting kit….lighting would be important. But doesn't have to be too fancy. Just something that can get the job done.

The interviews will be conducted in Barcelona.

So far we have a confirmation on November 30th at 3:30pm and December 5th at 11am for these sit-down interviews in offices. Each one will last about an hour.

There will be more interviews, I am just waiting for confirmation. Its a pretty easy job I think and all it needs to be done is the lighting and setting up the camera.

Budget is tight, but maybe we can work something out where we can do a package where you do all the interviews for a set price? Or we just do an hourly rate, but we can talk and work something out!

Let me know what you think and if you have the equipment!

Location: Barcelona, España

Camera – Camera operator

Language: English