Camerman/Videographer For Daily Show/Samantha Bee satirical segment

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FROM 28-11-2017 TO 08-12-2017

Camera – Camera operator


I am looking for cameraman who can shoot in a Documentary Satirical style, like the Daily Show or Samantha Bee. A lot of it will be in the form of man-on-the street interviews but we will also be interviewing inside an office sitting down and lighting will be important.

The quality of camera and sound is key Cannon C100 equivalent or better

I am looking for a wireless receiver that can be attached to the camera, as well as
with 2 wireless lav mics, 1 wireless hand-held microphone and possibly a boom mic and shotgun mic…..

We will also be conducting interviews indoors and may need lighting equipment and a second camera as well for them for a few interviews indoors.

My budget is pretty small but its around $400 and negotiable depending on equipment and so forth. Its a couple of days of shooting, some days will be full days other days will just be a couple of hours. In total we may shoot around 4 days.

I am looking for someone who can collaborate and is down to film creative fun projects and is easy to work with. Someone who can understand comedy to some degree and good with getting the reactions of myself and people around me when interviewing them.

We start shooting on and off from Nov. 28th to Dec. 8th depending on the itinerary and interviews.

Please send links to work if interested


Location: Barcelona, España

Camera – Camera operator

Language: English