CRUHUB or the best platform to be and to show you belong to the audiovisual industry

Are you a professional in the field of audiovisual production who would like to share all that they know within a community of more than 5,400 people? Do you think you have a lot to give and contribute, but you haven’t got the opportunity yet? Do you need to make yourself known to the job market? At CRUHUB we are giving you the perfect chance to show your value and to find work. We know the industry very well, we are filmmakers, work in TV and video like you, and we want to support you.

Keep reading if you’d like to know how!

The perks of being a CRUHUB member:

First of all, CRUHUB is one of the largest networks for job search in the film, TV and video industry, and in the audiovisual world in general. If you become a member you will enjoy various benefits:

  • You will be able to present yourself to a big community of freelancers, employees, producers and production companies that are looking for someone like you!
  • You will have the opportunity to showcase your skills, your CV, any link to any of your accounts or your portfolio that you would like to present. CRUHUB offers you the possibility to create a profile where you can describe your professional life, add recommendations by colleagues and samples of any of your works.
  • With more than 5,400 members, CRUHUB covers many countries in the world. If you look at our website carefully, you will see that you can find job ads from many different places on CRUHUB. You will have unlimited access to job postings with us.
  • You will receive ads via email. So, you will be notified about any new job posting that is of interest for you and you will be able to apply immediately for it if you want.
  • The more offers you reply to, the higher your chances to get jobs!


CRUHUB Premium:

In addition to all of the above, those that decide to become a Premium member, will enjoy even more benefits!

  • Your name will appear on top in the search for professionals like you.
  • You can add 10 working locations to your profile.
  • You will also be able to list 32 items of equipment that you can bring, borrow or rent to a project.
  • You can add up to 10 professions/positions you can do.


The price for Premium membership varies according to the period of time you prefer but what is the same for the different options is that all of them are really affordable.

1 MONTH – 8.40€

3 MONTHS – 22€

6 MONTHS – 42€

12 MONTHS – 80€


“Okay, you convinced me. How can I register?”

It’s very simple!

1- Go to our website:

2- Create a profile … and that’s it!


Watch our tutorial videos on the Cruhub YouTube channel if you have any doubts about how to complete your profile:

How to upload your CV on

How to add a new project to my portfolio on


Don’t forget to add all the information about your profession, skills, experience, what you are looking for, samples and examples of your work, etc. That way it will be much easier to find and to contact you!


“And what about us producers?”:

We are aware of how difficult it is to find crew members for an audiovisual project. But don’t worry! CRUHUB encompasses all the professions of the industry: make-up artists, camera people, editors, costume designers, gaffers… All and anybody that you need! At CRUHUB, it is so much easier for you to find any professional in the sector and you will be able to see how they work, their skills and experiences in their profile before you contact them.

Being a global network, there are many locations we cover. You can contact people from all over the world, selecting the best collaborators from anywhere, anytime.

If you are a Premium member, you can post as many job ads as you want and make sure to find anything, anybody you are looking for. Read here for more information:

People like you recommend us.

Many members have trusted CRUHUB to find jobs and they were successful! Various testimonies show that it is possible to find your place in the audiovisual world through CRUHUB:


“An excellent platform to find work and to be in touch with colleagues and production companies.”

Pedro Peñaranda, videographer and video editor.


“I have placed several Television Production jobs on the CRUHUB website with very good success. The candidates who applied for the jobs were all very good and well qualified. The site itself was very easy to use – and is completely “user friendly” I was kept updated on every application made for every job I had put on the website. I will certainly be using CRUHUB again when I’m searching for Production staff. I highly recommend it!”

Sean Browne, Executive Producer/Director in Television.


¿What else does CRUHUB offer you?

Apart from being a rich source of supply and demand of jobs, CRUHUB is doing its best to help you in many other ways. We are providing a lot of information and want to give you inspiration regarding  the audiovisual world and your professional life in it.

How we are doing that?

First of all through our blog where you will find job postings as well as interviews with creatives and industry experts that we did for you: Directors, distributors, festival programmers, producers etc.  They sat down in front of the camera of CRUHUB to give you the best advice based on their own experiences and insights. Those interviews are part of The CRUHUB Podcast which we publish regularly on Soundcloud. Also, we send you more information about festivals, financing for projects, news about the audiovisual industry, and much more, in our monthly newsletter. Last but not least, you keep be up to date about all of the above if you follow us on Facebook.

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What are you waiting for to become a member of the CRUHUB community?

Join it now!



By Anabel Rodríguez Venzalá