One more contact, one more chance to film a masterpiece!

Professionals like you working in the film, TV and video industry now have a dedicated, quality platform designed to solve their needs. Let’s take a look at how it works and how it can help you.

CRUHUB is your professional platform.

It’s an online community and networking hub where you develop your contacts. It’s a virtual office where you contact professionals for your next project or where you find your next job. It’s the space where you can showcase your projects to colleagues and clients.

If you are a freelancer like many cameramen, DOPs, light techs, gaffers, makeup artists, hairdressers, sound techs, musicians, photographers, script writers, art directors or any other professional working in the video industry, on CRUHUB you can find other professionals like you that share the same passion and interests.

It’s the place where you can keep in contact with people you have worked with and meet new professionals. It’s a crew of people like you, passionate about film, TV and the audiovisual industry. The more people you keep in contact with, the more chances you have to find the opportunity you were waiting for!

The best showcase scenario

An online portfolio is important for any freelancer. But when it comes to visual work, its no less than essential: showing your previous work is an immediate and effective way to prove your capabilities.

That’s why CRUHUB is the place where you can display your projects in an eye-catching showcase, making them visible to others. If that isn’t enough, you can reinforce your previous work and achievements’ presentation with recommendations from people you have worked with, which will appear directly on your profile.

Clients find you, you find offers

CRUHUB is the place where clients and professionals from the movie and video industry meet. Producers can signup the perfect person for their project and professionals can find their next film job, all through one platform. It’s the street corner where you can bump into the person you’ve been waiting for.

As a client, producer or anyone looking for a service in the audiovisual sector, you can publish job offers for a specific project or directly search in the professional database. As a freelancer, you can list the services you offer, search for interesting job offers or even post a collaboration proposal.

The calender function

And what if you are busy? We are often rushed of our feet and don’t have even time to reply to an email. That’s why there’s an innovative calendar tool in each profile. We know that availability is a key issue in the freelancer´s world, especially in the audiovisual sector. The calendar tool was developed specifically to address this particular issue. Thanks to this feature, you can immediately check the availability of each professional and, as a freelancer, fill up your working calendar easily.

Your Crew, Your Followers

By pressing the slate with the star below the profile photo of a member, you can select him as your favorite crew members. All favorite crew members are listed in your back office under YOUR CREW. And people that follow you can be found under: FOLLOWERS
Followers will be informed when you list a new project. That´s how you can keep in contact with them and how your followers can see your latest work.

CruHub is designed from colleagues for colleagues: it’s a crew, and we want you to be part of it!