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FROM 15-10-2017 TO 15-10-2018

Script – Screenwriter


I am looking for a scriptwriter based in Barcelona with great command of the English language to help me finalise a few short film scripts that I have been working for a while but can't get them properly written, since I am great with ideas and imagery but not that good with structure, words and let's not even mention dialogue… I can't promise any payment upfront (sadly) but here's what I can promise:

– I have interesting, original and unique projects at hand, some ideas of mine, some published short stories I have been given the rights to make into films.
– I have international connections and interest from several production companies into making them.
– When I am sure a project is ready to be made, I don't take no for an answer and fight all the way to find the funding and support to make it happen.
– What you will write with me, has high chances to get made and you'll receive credit for it.
– I have a unique visual style as a director and I always try to make the best of every single project.

I also speak fluent Spanish and French, but the scripts need to be written in English.
You should be the kind of writer who thinks the less dialogue the better + like the work of Terrence Malick, Jane Campion, Anton Corbijn's "Control", Justin Kurzel's "Macbeth" and Barry Jenkins's "Moonlight".
If you are interested please visit my website to see my work first: (specially my short film Skinhearts).
Then drop me a line to my email [email protected], telling me a little about your professional experience and/or training, taste in movies and maybe a short sample of your work.


Location: Barcelona, España

Script – Screenwriter

Language: English