Everyone who works in the audiovisual industry. From the Production company to the props driver, to service providers and location support. Have a look at our categories.
For the basic profile it's free to use. There are no hidden costs. There is also a Premium option with many more advantages. Find out more
It is exactly made for you. You can get job offers from around the globe. Make sure to write every location you are able to work in as local.
For security reasons you can not change neither your name nor your email. If you want to change any of them, please contact us with the correct version!
As a production company:
  • You get found by potential clients from all around the world
  • You can find crew members for your shoots quick and easily
  • You can use Cruhub as a managing tool for your crews
  • In the header of your profile on the right side there is an red circle with a white eye.
    Look at the tutorial about "uploading a CV". See video
    Look at the tutorial about how to add your social media accounts to your profile. See video!
    Look at the tutorial about how to publish a job offer. See video!
    The Category means: In which section you work, take a complete look on all the audiovisual categories.
    You will get an email if a job offer is published in the category and location you have specified in your profile.
    You can edit your private information (Notifications, Password and account type), by clicking on the menu in the profile header, and then click my account.
    Take a look at the video tutorial.