Flat Foot – Do I Really Have One?

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FROM 27-03-1998 TO 27-03-2019

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It is the most common misconception to simply dismiss any nagging pain in one's foot as something negligible. However, one has to remember that such discomfort can multiply and result in something much more serious. Even simple ingrowths of a toenail are something that should be looked after and treated by a podiatrist. Foot pain, however small, should always be treated immediately as it can seriously interfere with daily work activities.Many people suffering from sweating feet have found relief in soaking their feet in any number of concoctions. These concoctions include black tea with water, white vinegar with water, and Epson salt with water. For each concoction, soak your feet for about thirty minutes each day. Over time, as you notice an improvement in your condition, you can gradually reason the frequency that you soak your feet and eventually just do it on an as needed basis.


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