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FROM 04-03-1989 TO 20-03-1989

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The eye catching and tempting tomatoes are a hub of vitamins and treasure trove of antioxidants. Their inclusion in daily dietary habit is instrumental in alleviating cancers particularly of the digestive tract, boosting immunity, wards off many diseases and reduces risk of heart stroke in multifold. Its rich red color is no coincidental. It is attributed to the presence of lycopene-an unsaturated open chain carotenoid. Lycopene is one of the very effective antioxidants whose absorption in the body cells is the maximum. It had help give vigor to the functioning of lungs, liver, colon, pancreas and the prostrate glands. Antioxidants maintain youthfulness by way of maintaining the integrity of cells. They do so by capturing free oxygen radicals liberated from the oxidized food in the cell. Free oxygen radicals are capable of ensuing damage to the neighbor cells.

Location: Uberlândia, Brazil

Photography – Photo Assistant

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