Focus 2017, London: Producers look for trustworthy and reliable crew members

At Focus 2017 in London I just spoke to many producers from all over the world to promote our members on Cruhub.

Producers have one thing in common:

They are looking for trustworthy crew members.

They asked me: “How do I know that this person is serious?”

I have elaborated a quick check list for you to get the best out of cruhub:

– recognizable photo of yourself

– background photo (with or without logo or a making of photo)

– full name to get found easily

– filled out “About me” section

– one reel or portfolio of projects you have participated as a crew member

That’s the mínimum!

The more information, the better!
Just ask yourself what you would like to see if you are looking to contract someone you don’t know.

And above all:

Reviews and testimonials from other members, colleagues or clients.
You sell your trustworthyness and reliability! Apart from your professional skills.

Have in mind: Producers don’t know you!

You can ask others for a general review on your main profile page (the five stars).

Or within every project, there is a testimonial button. You can enter emails from colleagues of the same project. They can write a testimonial for you.

Sounds complicated but it’s really easy.

And it’s the most powerful argument you have! Word of mouth or a good testimonial.

Hope you get the best out of cruhub!


Markus Ruf

Cruhub founder (and producer)
P.s. we provide the playground! But you are the one who must ask the others to play with you 😉