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FROM 29-08-2017 TO 31-07-2017

Art / Product Design – Production Designer (PD)


We are looking for a freelance production designer with good experience to join our team on the short film, 'Web'. EXPENSES ONLY.

The story takes place over one particular day in the life of ten year-old triplets. With a new baby thrust in to their lives, each triplet reacts in their own way, leading to dark and devastating consequences.

The film offers a good amount to work with in terms of production design and art direction. Each child will have their own distinctive personality and therefore, clothing style. The film will be stylised and done from a child's perspective, leaving much to be played around with.

I am planning to shoot on the last three days of August.

My most recent, award-winning short film, 'The Face of Chance':

If you would like to know more, please message me!

Best regards,

Dan Daniel

Location: London, United Kingdom

Art / Product Design – Production Designer (PD)

Language: English