Soundman in Lisbon

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FROM 03-08-2018 TO 04-08-2018

Sound – Boom operator


Starting from the meeting with Jeroen Smeets and his project The Jaunt, MUSE – an independent production company based in Milan – is going to produce a series of short video-documentaries on the artists’ trips.

Each documentary – 6/7 minutes long, together with a trailer and more short cuts of 1/2 minutes – will follow the artist involved, telling the story of the trip, the atmosphere, the creative scene of the city, the venues and the encounters inspiring him/her.
Both a portrait of the artist and of the city through the artists’ perspective.

We are looking for a soundman for August the 3rd or August the 4th (one the two days still to be confirmed).


Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Sound – Boom operator

Language: English