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The Plant's Medicine, 2013

Tipo de proyecto: Documentary

Categoría: Director

Descripción: While completing an Artist in Residency Program at the Sachaqa Art Center in San Roque de Cumbaza, Peru I was introduced to Don Resendo, an 84-year-old Medicine Man living and practicing holistic medicine in the Lamas region of Peru. Don Resendo says that he can heal any disease or illness using plants native to the Amazon Rainforest. He is the last Medicine Man in the Lamas region of Peru, who heals patients with these types of plants. Most Shamans in Peru heal with Ayahuasca and thousands of people come to Peru each year to diet with Ayahuasca, to heal themselves from illnesses, terminal diseases, depression, and drug addiction, etc. Some of these people have had bad experiences; few have died from using Ayahuasca. Don Resendo does not approve of Ayahuasca. He says it only gives you visions and does heal at all. Many documentaries on Ayahuasca are directed and produced by those who have experienced it first hand. Our goal is to show the audience an unbiased feature documentary that explores the myth and legend of the vine of the dead, Ayahuasca. Thank you for Watching and Enjoy!

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