Operador de Steadicam, Operador de Gimbal

Madrid, Madrid, España

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With many years of experience in important Film and TV productions, SteadicamWorks make professional videos for every purpose. We are experts in stabilized shooting systems that produce fantastic video quality in every situation.
Steadicam is a body mounted stabilization device taking the camera to places never before possible. We are owner of both professional Steadicam and DJI Ronin stabilized equipment. SteadicamWorks is based in Europe, Rome and Madrid, but can serve film productions around the globe.

SteadicamWorks partecipated to significant film productions, working with some of the best italian movie directors and crews, making important films featured in Cannes and Rome film festivals.

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  • Operador de Steadicam
  • Operador de Gimbal
  • Operador de cámara


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