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Tallinn, Tallinna linn, Estonia

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I enjoy acting ... I want to do more while my mask is still intact.... The Voice over work for me is natural work ; I have been performing spoken word since 1981, read with Lydia Lunch, John Giorno and a million other lesser known and talented creatives through the years and possess a (great) "voice"..... I have been told my whole life.

Here are some projects I've been involved with over the past few years...


Actor in upcoming sci-fi short, ''Attack of the Cyber Octopusies,'' A Chaosmonger, (Italian), Studio Group Production, created in Tallinn, Est., to be released this Spring...

Actor in upcoming Estonian Hip Hop Artist Tommy Cash's music video, produced in Tallinn, to be released in 2017.

Actor for upcoming Estonian Funk Band, ''POP IDIOT's'' music video, produced in Tallinn, to be released in 2017.


Acted as extra in Katrin and Andres Maimik's feature film, ''Mina Naoga Onu,'' a Kuukulguur Film Production. Tallinn, December, to be released in Fall of 2017.

Voice Over for Estonian Fashion Designer Reet Aus's ''UPMADE'' Video,
Tallinn, November.

Voice over of trailer for upcoming feature film project, ''The Dating Game Killer,'' A Baron Von film production, November.

Actor for Helsinki Rock Artist Olli Helenius - Video Production of Jos Menet Pois (If You Go Away). Vita Pictura Released in September.

Featured actor in upcoming production of ''Ikitie'' or ''The Eternal Road,'' a collaborative Estonian and Finnish Film Company feature film, directed by Finnish Director Antti-Jussi Annila. scheduled to be released in September of 2017.

Voice over for OKAPI Galleri ''M-M-M-M'' Exhibition, Tallinn, Est., March.

Main Actor for Finnish Yogurt Company Arla Ihana TV Commercial… Tallinn, January.


Featured character actor on Estonia's Top models, July.

Extra for German Visa Commercial

Main Actor for BFM Director Silvia Lorenzi's film production of BLANK

Main Actor for Estonia KLINT Company TV Commercial

Voice over for Taffel Corporation, Tallinn, Estonia, March.


Bluesy singing for Estonian animated film: ''Alateadvuse maja / House of Unconciousness,'' Eesti Joonisfilm, created by Director: Priit Tender, Tallinn, Estonia, November. amazing

Main Actor for "SALDO - The Extraordinary Credit Account," a NAFTA FILMS OU Commercial Production, for VISA, Tallinn, Est., October.

Voice over for "LOVE LIFE" Movie, released in theaters November 7th, Tallinn, Est.

Voice over for international computer terrorist video for NATO, Tallinn, Est., September.

Voice over for Estonian Yeast Company Saltaguse's ''The Art of Yeast,'' Tallinn, EST., August.

Main Character actor for Helsinki Electronic Music Performer Houratron's Music Video.
Shot at the Tallinn Linnahall, July.

Voice over for Taffel Corporation, Tallinn, Estonia, May.

Character Actor appearance on "Viimane võmm," Estonian TV Series, Tallinn, EST., March.

Extra actor in “SULETUD USTE TAGA,” Estonian reality / TV Series, Tallinn, Estonia, February.


Voice over work for “DEMOGRAFT” Kickstarter project, Tallinn, Estonia, launched December.

Cast as Game show host in Pilot shot at Patarei Vangla for Finnish Television, Tallinn, EST., December.

Voice over for SAMSUNG Corporation, produced by Vita Pictura Productions, Tallinn, EST., December.

Main actor for STARMAN RENTAL TV Commercial, produced by ALLFILMS Production Company, Tallinn, Estonia, November.

Main actor for Kinni Kindlait, CLINT Screw Company TV commercial, Tallinn, EST., November.

Voice over work for Vana Tallinn TV commercial, Tallinn, EST., October.

Acted as extra for “PREMIERE,” a short film by Finnish Film Director Heidi Linden, Tallinn, EST., October.

Voice over work for Estonian Feature Film: “IN THE CROSSWINDS,” ALLFILMS Production Company, Tallinn, EST., October.

Acted in two short films for “Kino EUPHORIA” at the 2013 Midnight Sun Film Festival, Sodankyla, Finland, June.

Character Actor in Estonian TV Series “ALPIMAJA,” Tallinn, EST., June & Ongoin

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