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All Goes, 2017

Type of project: Film

Category: Production Company / Services

Description: All human task through its existence must be to discover, develop and implement a life plan. Like a reality never finished, a man can never fail in this endeavor to give shape to his action and meaning to his life. Believing oneself liberated from this commitment is reducing to mediocrity. A gang of old friends, now about their forty, gather together for the funeral of one of them, Gabriel, who was the most charismatic and successful of the group. As hours pass by, the meeting derives spontaneously in a spree that has nothing to envy of their student years. In the course of its route through the old headquarters, they will see how they have changed as well as the geography of his youth, and will face what life has made of their dreams, in parallel with his party, wich starts at the top and ends with a disgust and surrender feeling... for everyone? Maybe not. Perhaps everything depends on wich half of the glass you want to see...

All Goes

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