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  • The Cruhub Podcast #6: Interview with director Cristóbal Valenzuela

    *** SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH VERSION *** Puedes encontrar este episodio de podcast aquí: CRUHUB: Hoy estamos con Cristóbal Valenzuela, de Chile, que está presentando su documental ‘Robar a Rodin’ en el DocsBarcelona 2018. Muchas gracias por estar con nosotros. Cristóbal Valenzuela: Gracias por la invitación. CRUHUB: ¿Cómo te has decidido a hacer un documental...

  • The Cruhub Podcast #5: Interview with producer Şenay Özdemir

    *** VERSIÓN EN CASTELLANO ABAJO *** Find this podcast episode here (in English): CRUHUB: Today we are with Şenay Özdemir from Amsterdam. She is a producer, a writer, she is also an entrepreneur. We’re very happy to be able to interview you today at DocsBarcelona. Thank you so much! Şenay Özdemir: It’s nice to be...

  • ¿Qué hacer para enfrentarse al mercado laboral? Una estudiante de cine comparte su perspectiva

    **** SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH VERSION **** “¿Qué harás cuándo termines?”, “¿Pero eso no tiene mucha salida, no? “, “Está complicado ese sector”. Frases. Frases  cualquier persona que haya acabado algún tipo de estudio escucha. Irremediablemente, la incertidumbre. Esa incertidumbre que llega y tarda en irse. “¿Y ahora qué?”, acabas por preguntarte, dándole la razón...

  • Job offer: Video Editor Vice Spain

    Are you Interested? FROM 08-08-2018 TO 30-11-2018 Editing / Post-production – Editor / Cutter Audiovisual Description: We’re looking for a Video Editor in Vice Spain, to start almos inmediately. You must have experience and be highly skilled in Adobe Premiere software. AfterEffects knowledge is also plus. Must speak Spanish and English. Please send me your...

  • Soundman in Lisbon

    Are you Interested? FROM 03-08-2018 TO 04-08-2018 Sound – Boom operator Description: Starting from the meeting with Jeroen Smeets and his project The Jaunt, MUSE – an independent production company based in Milan – is going to produce a series of short video-documentaries on the artists’ trips. Each documentary – 6/7 minutes long, together with...

  • The CRUHUB Podcast #4: Cristina Merino, Movistar+

    *** SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH VERSION *** Encuentra este episodio de nuestro podcast aquí (en castellano): CRUHUB: Hola, Cristina. Cristina Merino: Hola, ¿cómo estás? CRUHUB: Muchas gracias por venir. Cristina Merino: Gracias a ti. CRUHUB: ¿Qué tipo de documentales buscas para Movistar? Cristina Merino: Buscamos largos documentales que vayan a tener una buena perspectiva de...

  • The CRUHUB Podcast #3: Mikael Opstrup, EDN

    *** SCROLL DOWN FOR SPANISH VERSION *** Find this podcast episode here (in English): CRUHUB: You are Head of Studies & Co-production Guide Editor of EDN, European Documentary Network. Can you tell us a bit about EDN? Mikael Opstrup: Yes, it’s an organization that was established more than twenty years ago. It’s based in Copenhagen...

  • CRUHUB o la mejor ventana para ser y pertenecer al mundo audiovisual

    ¿Eres un profesional del audiovisual que busca compartir todo lo que sabes hacer en una comunidad de más de 5400 personas? ¿Crees que tienes mucho que aportar pero no te han dado la oportunidad? ¿Necesitas darte a conocer en el mundo laboral? En CRUHUB te cedemos la ventana perfecta para demostrar tu valía y que...

  • CRUHUB or the best platform to be and to show you belong to the audiovisual industry

    Are you a professional in the field of audiovisual production who would like to share all that they know within a community of more than 5,400 people? Do you think you have a lot to give and contribute, but you haven’t got the opportunity yet? Do you need to make yourself known to the job...

  • Driver Barcelona. Urgente. Mañana.

    Are you Interested? FROM 18-07-2015 TO 18-07-2018 Drivers – Production driver Description: Barcelona, Tarragona Con o sin furgoneta propia de 9 plazas Location: Barcelona, España Drivers – Production driver Language: English

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    CRUHUB is a job market platform and network for all film, TV and video professionals and service providers. It’s the industry’s "WHO IS WHO" in the crew. For all jobs related to film/tv. From driver to carpinter to DOP…
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"Whoever works in this industry doesn't do it just for money. There’s always passion behind it. That’s the biggest difference with many other jobs. People love their job. And this passion and love for what you do is what’s behind CRUHUB."  

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