What is Cruhub?

Show, connect, shoot!

What is Cruhub?

CRUHUB is the worldwide online community for film, tv and video professionals. We are a crew sharing the same strong passion for our job, we love the video industry, we are audiovisual enthusiasts, just like you.

In CRUHUB you can show your projects in an attractive and easy-to-access environment, you can present your work, photos and videos and explain them to colleagues and clients. It’s the place where you can find leading professionals and connect and interact with them.

CRUHUB is your work hub, it’s the virtual office where professionals and clients can find each other. Through the platform you can get references from people you have worked with, send quotes and find your next job.

CRUHUB is your personal showcase to the world, it’s your professional network and your agent, all in one. What are you waiting for? Join the crew!


Why Cruhub?

We are audiovisual professionals and face the same issues as you do when working in this sector. Whether you’re a producer, filmmaker, DOP, gaffer, makeup artist or any other specialist working in the field, we know how hard it can be to deal with sporadic and casual employment, how hard it is to find references, to highlight your skills, to showcase your work in an elegant and professional manner and to make yourself findable by your next client.

These are the reasons behind CRUHUB’s development. It’s designed to make your working life easier by solving many of your job related issues, it’s your mobile office, your agenda, your portfolio and much more.

Who is CRUHUB for?

Who is Cruhub for?

CRUHUB is conceived for clients and professionals from the audiovisual sector: actors, art department, camera department, line producers, presenters, grip, lighting, hairdressers and anyone working in the industry.

If you are looking for reliable services and skilled freelancers in any location and in all areas, CRUHUB is where you can find them. If you need to develop your network, showcase your work and make yourself findable to clients, CRUHUB is the platform that does that.

How does CRUHUB work?

How does Cruhub work?

CRUHUB it’s a community of professionals, a social network and a working tool. But first of all it’s a crew, so what do you do when you enter a new group? You introduce yourself. That’s what happens in CRUHUB: you create your profile, you add your projects and you connect with other people.

CRUHUB it’s free and it’s easy to use. The more people you connect with and the better you curate your profile, the more chances you have to find interesting opportunities out there. It’s your call to make the best out of it!

Where can I use CRUHUB?

Where can I use Cruhub?

CRUHUB is your mobile office. It can be accessed from your desktop computer (PC or Mac), from your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) or tablet, thanks to its responsive design. And soon it will be available through an app too.

Wherever we are, freelancers and service providers always need to stay in touch with each other: during your lunch break, while on the move, from home, the hotel or airport. CRUHUB is available anywhere, anytime.