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Acting in English with Luci Lenox - SCIENCE FICTION, 2017

Type of project: Film

Category: Actor / Actress

Description: BACK TO THE FUTURE Characters: Marty & Loraine After being accidentally sent 30 years into the past. Marty tries to convince her teenage mother, that is not a good idea to flirt with him. MARTY Do you mind if we park for a while? LORAINE That´s a great idea. I´d love to park. MARTY Huh? LORAINE Well, Marty. I´m almost eighteen-years-old, it´s not like I´ve never parked before. MARTY What? LORAINE Marty, you seem so nervous, is something wrong? MARTY No no. Loraine, Loraine, what are you doing? LORAINE I swiped it form the old lady´s liquor cabinet. MARTY Yeah well, you shouldn´t drink. LORAINE Why not? MARTY Because, you might regret it later in life. LORAINE Marty, don´t be such a square. Everybody who´s anybody drinks. MARTY Jesus, you smoke too? LORAINE Marty, you´re beginning to sound just like my mother. Marty, why are you so nervous? MARTY Well, Loraine...jeez, that´s hard for me to say---have you ever been in a situation where---well---you know you have to act a certain way, but when you get there, you don´t know if you can go through with it? LORAINE You mean like how you´re supposed to act with someone on a first date? MARTY Well, sort of... LORAINE I think I know exactly what you mean. MARTY You do? LORAINE (nods) And you know what I do in those situations? MARTY What? LORAINE I don´t worry about it! She jumps on Marty and kisses him. Then she stops abruptly. LORAINE (CONT´D) This isn´t right. I don´t know what it is, but... when I kiss you...something´s wrong. It almost feels like...like I was kissing my brother...or my father...I don´t understand it, but I just know it´s wrong. I guess that doesn´t make any sense, does it? MARTY Believe me, it makes perfect sense. END Actor/Actress: David Adelantado & Nastasiia Shapoval Casting Director: Luci Lenox Studio: Frank Stein

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