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GlobeTrekker Around the World, 2014

Type of project: Documentary

Category: Producer

Description: In celebration of its 20th anniversary the iconic travel show Globetrekker reunited its best loved presenters for an around the world adventure. Team 1 followed in the footsteps of the first European settlers, starting in Lynchburg, VA and chasing the American Dream all the way to L.A. Team 2 and 3 travelled the breadth of South America, while Team 4 navigated the most remote locations in the Pacific, including Pitcairn, home to Captain Cooks' direct descendants. Team 5 and 6 continued through Asia, discovering the treasures of the Silk Road, and ended its journey at the gateway to Europe, Istanbul. As the series producer I selected and managed all teams during pre-production and filming, which took place simultaneously in remote locations across various time zones. Broadcast on various channels across the world including Discovery Channel and PBS. 8 X 55 mins

GlobeTrekker Around the World

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