Miguel Aguilar Escribano


Camera operator

Madrid, Madrid, España

  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • Italian

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Alla Ray feat. Sneakbo - THE RACE, 2014

Type of project: Music video

Category: First assistant camera operator

Description: Featuring Putney rapper, Sneakbo, The Race is a vibrant, hi-energy dance/pop fusion with anthemic hands-in-the-air vocals. The track delivers a slice of dance heaven that has the ability to straddle dance floor and radio play in equal measure. A lyrical collaboration with Alla Ray, Grace Tither and Alex Elliot. The track was recorded in London’s Tileyard Studios. The remix line-up includes Mike Delinquent, TS7, Mike Rizzo, Andi Durrant, Starkillers, DCM – securing a sound that fits hand-in-glove across all club sounds.

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