Pol Montserrat Amposta


Photographer, Editor / Cutter Audiovisual

Argentona, Cataluña, 08310

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Dance Videos for Ari Dance Dance School., 2016

Type of project: Music video

Category: Editor / Cutter Audiovisual

Description: Last year I worked as the director and producer of audiovisual content in Escola de dansa Ari Dance, Mataró (www.aridance.cat). I made video, graphic design, web maintenance and photography. This job really opened my mind by exploring the dance world and I learned about how to work with efficiency (cause every week I had more videos and designs to do). Also allowed me the possibility of experiment with the dance video in the camera and in the edit. My graphic design hability basically borned there. A great experience with very good artists.

Dance Videos for Ari Dance Dance School.

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