Rahel Renggli



Zürich, Zürich, Schweiz

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Transformance, 2016

Type of project: Documentary

Category: Producer

Description: This Film shows the global energy market as a centre of conflict of the future and the possible ideal solution for Switzerland in which it moves away from heavy dependence on imports towards energy security using its own resources. Today more than 80% of the entire Swiss energy supply comes from abroad, and scientific data indicates a dramatic shortage of resources with the conventional energy sources oil and natural gas. The evident climate change and the dangers of nuclear power are also reinforcing the need to take action in the area of energy policy. The protagonists in the current energy transition are shown in their work and the technical feasibility of their visions of supplying energy from renewable sources is scrutinised. How long do we still have to go until sovereignty in energy policy is achieved? The fundamental question, however, is: why is the energy transition proceeding so slowly? Only one thing seems certain: energy is a concern for everyone.


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