Roland Quesnel


Location Scout, Location manager

Málaga, Provincia di Málaga, Spagna

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Phonebox experiment, 2009

Type of project: Web content

Category: Location support

Description: This was a groundbreaking viral live internet event for Skype. The client asked for a phonebox in the desert where the actor could camp out and we could stream his interactions on the phone live 24/7 for ten days. Fine in theory but they don't leave phone boxes around in the wilderness, and where could we stream it from given that most internet in the wilderness is a terrible radio signal. My job was to find the location, organise the phone, the streaming, the camp, the props, the crew camper van, and keep it supplied, functioning and life sustaining for the ten days. The project worked flawlessly, there was a 100% connectivity, no-one found us, and no-one figured out how we did it. And I'm still not revealing the secret... Highlights were when the farmer decided to actually plough up the land for sowing of barley all around our camp (it was his land) and trying to get a complex location release form in English translated into Spanish on a Sunday morning for the farmer to sign in the nick of time to give us our location! All accomplished. A project that threw more curve balls and novel problems at me than any other. Immensely satisfying and entertaining job.

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