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Limerick, Limerick City, Irlandia

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TLC4CF Cystic Fibrosis Unit, University Hospital Limerick, 2016

Type of project: Documentary

Category: Production Company / Services

Description: This short documentary style film was to highlight the new Cystic Fibrosis unit at University Hospital Limerick, ireland. We interviewed some patients who were unable to attend the official opening of the unit due to possible contamination issues due to the nature of their illness. We were only given one days notice to organise and shoot, and a day to do graphics and editing. It turned out well, considering the time constraints, although there is a bit of noise from the Rode Riffle mic, this was the first time we used this mic, it was on a stand and is very sensitive, for €625 I wasn't impressed, we ran it through a Zoom H6 recorder directly into Cam one, to try and save time in editing, but you live and you learn. We need to invest in an audio mixer next.

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