They are responsible for the post-production process, during which they maintain clarity of information and good channels of communication between the producer, editor, supervising sound editor, the facilities companies (such as film labs, CGI studios and negative cutters) and the production accountant. Although this is not a creative role, it is pivotal in ensuring that the film's post-production budget is manageable and achievable, and that all deadlines are met. Because large amounts of money are involved, and most of a film's budget is spent during production, the post-production period can often be difficult and challenging. wikipedia

Editing / Post-production members

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    Camera operator, Photographer
    English, Spanish, Portuguese
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    Director, Production manager
    English, Spanish
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    Editor / Cutter Audiovisual
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    Assistant camera operator, Screenwriter
    English, Spanish, Catalan
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Editing / Post-production projects

Editing / Post-production jobs

  • FROM 03-12-2018 TO 29-03-2019 STARTED!

    La Garriga, 08530

    Editing / Post-production - Digital compositor

    ¡Hola! En MstarFX estamos buscando a un compositor de Blackmagic Fusion para unirse a la postproducción de una película y de una serie en la Garriga, Barcelona. El trabajo consiste principalmente en sacar cromas e integrar posteriormente en un entorno 3D con sus diferentes pases. Habilidades requeridas: Croma Keying Tracking Integración

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