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    DOP (director of photography), Editor / Cutter Audiovisual
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    Lighting & grip rental
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    Camera rental, Cranes & dollies rental
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  • FROM 16-05-2018 TO 31-12-2019 STARTED!

    Barcelona, España

    Rentals - Props rental

    It's simple: We have desks to rent in central Barcelona for €200 per month all inclusive. We're 10 minutes walk from Plaza Espana Metro, we have a lounge, kitchen, meeting area, outdoor lounge for breaks / lunch etc and two bathrooms. We're inside Poble Espanyol, and there are live concerts every weekend and we have discounts in all the local bars and restaurants. Pictures and more info availab ...

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  • FROM 01-01-2017 TO 01-01-2020 STARTED!

    Barcelona, España

    Rentals - Camera rental


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