This Department is responsible for the operation of the audio Mixer and Recorder(s) which receive feeds from the microphones on set. It is their responsibility to decide how they will deploy their team to capture the sound for each shot, select which microphones will be used for each setup, mix audio from all of the microphones in real time into a "mix track" that will be used while viewing rushes and during the edit, and sometimes in the final film, and to maintain logs of audio related issues for post production. wikipedia

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    Sound Designer, Boom operator
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  • FROM 26-02-2018 TO 01-03-2018

    Barcelona, España

    Sound - Location sound

    Hi if you are interested to work as a soundman at the Mobile World Congress, then please write to us. Dates: Feb: 26/27/28 and 1st of March Please specify if you have your own sound equipment. Please have your portfolio updated at cruhub with working examples and enough info in your "About me" section, so we know with whom we are in contact. Thanks a lot.

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