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Drones Pilot, Aerial camera operator

Madrid, Madrid, España

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About us

We perform technical solutions to achieve those images that otherwise could not be obtained
We use robots: some of them are drones and fly, others are digital camera stabilizers, others move by cables, etc.
We propose solutions to your project, or find the best way to do this “delicate shot”, which gives added value to the audiovisual product.


Outstanding project


  • Drones Pilot
  • Aerial camera operator
  • Gimbal operator
  • Steadicam operator
  • Multicopter Camera Operator
  • Underwater camera operator
  • Camera operator


  • Aerial filming - Octocopter for cameras like RED or Alexa
  • Camera Stabilizer DJI Ronin
  • SteadyRonin
  • Cablecam
  • Cablecam Mini
  • Underwater housing