Alberto Bellido García


Screenplay Adaptor

Salamanca, Salamanca, España

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About me

I am Alberto Bellido and I have been a scriptwriter since 2008.

I have always been passionate about cinema and its magic, since I was a child.

I'm specialized in writing scripts for short films of horror and intrigue.

Although now, already, at present, I am addressing the writing of two feature film scripts.

I think I'm given, above all, well, the adaptation of stories and novels to scripts, (because before I wrote scriptwriter).

And although I have indicated that I usually write stories of horror and intrigue, I can also adjust to the writing of scripts with other themes and genres, such as comedy, drama, science fiction, action, tragicomedy, erotic, and so on.

I guarantee professionalism, diligence and, especially, work hours.

Thank you for your attention.

A greeting.



  • Screenplay Adaptor


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