Alex Barrera


Editor / Cutter Audiovisual

Barcelona, Barcelona, España


About me

The work of Alex Barrera moves through painting, art and film. Symbolism, poetry, philosophy and scientific concepts are also present in his work. In addition to the existential journey, memory and the ephemeral nature of time are other primary concepts.

An Audiovisual Technician, he graduated from CECC film school in Barcelona, where he specialized in cinematography.. He also has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona.

In 2011 he worked as a cinematographer on the film “Au Revoir,” which received numerous prizes and festival selections around the world.

In 2014 he directed "The Leaf," his first short film as a director. The film was selected and awarded at many international festivals.

In 2015 he took charge of Editing on the documentary film, “The Stone Circle,” by Patrick Pfister. The film is about the legendary Stone Circle, a poetry and music gathering celebrated every year in northern Michigan, USA. The documentary will be presented at film festivals in 2017.

At the present time he is preparing several projects, both cinematographic and artistic. His current projects deal with scientific concepts such as black holes, transferred to the human body via a poetic and philosophical form. Other projects include memories, memory itself, ephemeral existence and our thoughts.



  • Editor / Cutter Audiovisual