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Barcelona, Barcelona, España

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About me

I believe the art direction must be honest and clean, remain almost unnoticed. It must elicit emotion, simulate moods, unify the vision and accompany the rest of the elements to fulfill the screen. Achieve the equilibrium with a well-thought design through the smallest detail. And it must never lose its intention.

My name is Alexandra and I am a production designer in cinema and commercials based in Barcelona, my favorite city. Nevertheless, my nomad condition allows me to work or move to any destination seeking for challenging, savage projects.

Fetishist of the objects, simplicity, and chaos, I love to work as a 1st Art Assistant, helping the director to get what he/she wants and learn through the process. One day I will be the one in charge of the overall visual appearance. I have worked in a color laboratory, I have been a correspondent in Belgium and I have worked as a Community Manager. Now I’m ready to make my professional dream come true.

“All creative work begins by doing something with the hands. Creation is simply a problem and design is the way out”. Charles James



  • Assistant Art Director

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