Alexenia Dimitrova


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София, Столична, България

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About me

I am producer, location manager, fixer and researcher with a strong background in investigative journalism and analysis.
I have helped many foreign crews to film in the country.

I am based in Sofia but have excellent years long developed network of contacts in various levels throughout Bulgaria which helps finding necessary information and get necessarily permits for filming. I have an extensive experience to film on various locations across the country.
I am a highly self-motivated and competent, with a passion for detail when researching.
I work effectively, combining organizing and coordinating experience with skills required to ensure that deadlines and objectives are met. I possess the ability to prioritize tasks and perform many different duties.
People I have work with say that I am resourceful, liable, accurate, diligent, efficient, determined, with excellent organizational and planning skills used in developing positive result of the work assigned.


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