Aljona Jakovleva


Production assistant, Production manager

Málaga, Provincia di Málaga, Spagna

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About me

Hay quien dice que uno debe enfocarse en algo concreto, pero al final todo es todo y queremos hacer ese todo, no importa la forma y la manera, porque el proposito es el mismo- CONTAR UNA HISTORIA!
Soy actriz / modelo / guionista / productora / inquieta / vivo y disfruto el arte.
Someone says you must be focus in one objective, but all means all, and I want to make this all, no matter the way to choose. Cause the goal is the same - TELL A STORY!
I´m an actress / script writer / production manager / restless / alive and enjoying the art.



  • Production assistant
  • Production manager
  • Assistant Set Decorator
  • Set coordinator
  • Screenwriter
  • Production Company / Services


  • commercials
  • 5-years-experience
  • movie-magic
  • good-comunication
  • catering
  • adaptability
  • flm-execution
  • ability-communiat
  • complex-problemsolving

More work locations

  • Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Madrid, Madrid, España