Andreas Ruft


Location sound

Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland

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About me

Experienced Production Sound Mixer for Feature Film, TV-Movie, Documentary, Commercials, Music Recording, Art Film, everything on location, world wide experience on 5 continents. Film sound since 1991. Digital multi-track recording (up to twenty with 2 Sounddevices 788t), also experienced with Deva or Cantar Aaton. Micros: Schoeps CMIT, MK41, MK40, Neumann, Sennheiser MK50, 70, 416, Sanken COS11, DPA 4061, Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid radio transmitter, Sennheiser Intercom, Ambient Nano LockIt, mobile and flexible, power independent, heat- and cold-proof, modern, sophisticated and looked after equipment, perfect compiled.


Outstanding project



  • Location sound


  • original-music-sound-fx-
  • feature-film
  • tv-movie
  • documentaries
  • comercials


  • 2x Sound devices 788t 8-track recorder
  • 6x Lectrosonic radio mic with Sanken COS11 and DPA 4060
  • 2x Schoeps CMIT, MK8 for M/S Recording
  • 4x Ambient Booms, 8 Sennheiser Intercom Receivers …
  • Schoeps MK40/41, Neumann 84, Sennheiser MKH 50, 70, 416 …

More work locations

  • Jelenia Góra, Woiwodschaft Niederschlesien, 58
  • Leipzig, Leipzig, Deutschland