Andrew Michael - Composer



Australia Plains, South Australia, 5374


About me

I work as a professional music composer and
sound designer. I'm based in Melbourne, Australia
but working with production companies all over the world. Andrew Michael
Music specializes in scores, jingles, sound design for business and
commercial presentations.
* I compose original music for Movies, TV commercials, Video games,
Events, Corporate films and I am open to other media scenarios. Any style -
Orchestral, Rock Contemporary, Exotic, Hip Hop, Blues, Jazz, Soul, R & B

* I have an acoustic and electronic professional sampling Orchestra so
I can record professional original music at a far cheaper price than other
composers who need to hire musicians and charge that cost to you. I can
therefore pass the savings on to you.
* This music is tailored to suit your project and is far better than
Library music. Your production deserves the unique identity that only
original music provides. Original Music makes a difference in how your
audience responds.
* Get professional, effective and unique original music at a
reasonable fee per minute with no hidden charges.
* My portfolio includes projects performed for Microsoft, Mercedes,
MacDonald's, Cadbury's, TV Documentaries etc. Currently writing music for
a Greek cooking television show.
* I'm capable of delivering high quality products at discount rates
and within short periods of time - within one week.
* I would like to offer you my services and hope you become one of my
satisfied customers. .


Outstanding project

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  • Recording Studio and Lots of real and virtual instruments