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Valencia, Valencia, España

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About us

Anemic Cinema Production is a multimedia studio company focused on documentaries, music videos, photography, video art & interactive videos.

Anemic Cinema is run by CEO and founder Fabrizio de Potestad i Fornari and Daniel Martinez Barber as Executive producer who have over ten years experience in the film industry. Anemic Cinema is a concept - to - delivery audiovisual production company based in Spain and UK that produces unique cinematic experiences. 

Anemic Cinema has a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals with expertise in audiovisual project development, photography, graphic design, branding films and interactive videos. We thrive on variety in our work and in order to do that we collaborate closely with talented, experienced, innovative, filmmakers, directors of photography or editors tailoring a team for your own audiovisual needs.
Anemic Cinema is focused in two avenues that are both distinct yet complement each other. We create exciting, branding film content for clients as corporate films and commercials, stylish fashion films and fresh music video-clips, while also, we produce our own cutting-edge documentaries & avant-garde experimental video art works.
We are interested in creating relationships with creative, visionary companies and artists in various fields, and producing interesting work with and for them.


Outstanding project


  • Production Company / Services


  • photography
  • videographer
  • camera-producer-editor
  • more-10-years-experience
  • music-video
  • directing-documentary
  • producer
  • film-maker
  • interactive-stortelling
  • lighting-camera-operator


  • Aaton XTR Super 16 mm
  • JVC GY-LS 300
  • Illumina Prime lenses T 1.3

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  • Barcelona, Barcelona, España