Aneta Bachanova


Production assistant

Barcelona, Barcelona, España

  • English,
  • Czech,
  • Slovak


About me

I used to work as a assistant to the producer and owner of production company Infilm Prague, Rudolf Beirmann. During the production of their feature film, Masaryk, which will be launched next year in Prague, I also worked as the Production manager’s assistant.

As the Producer’s assistant I was responsible for writing and submiting the film incentives for Czech Goverment film funding; location scouting for future productions, liaised with international english speaking partners, prepared presentations, travel arrangements and personal and office administration.

As the Production managers’s assistant for the Masaryk film I coordinated the travel and transportation for crew and actors, and provided general administration support and was also runner during production.

Also as my tourism background I love to coordination onsite and location based activities.

I'm also open for a new role because I really love to work in this industry.


  • Production assistant