Antonio Cola


Film Director

Barcelona, Barcelona, España

  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • Italian


About me

I feel that I can found myself through expression of my art.
The media is not the message but only its projection that fools the media itself.
The research moves across the shallow space walkable between the mirror, its reflection, and reality.
Hence, I feel a poet with too many pens,
A painter with too many brushes,
A clown with too many laughs,
A crook with too many lies,
A camera with endless film,
Where I constantly build visual emotions.
I am fond of movies and their magical feeling of creation. I like to create thing in a very old-style way, like an artisan who makes an unbreakable pot. I love to cook because I can put very meticulously specific ingredients together to explore new tastes and aromas, because I firmly believe that Art is the ability of pulling out one's own essence and mixing it together with humanity's heart.
I love to hold a camera, to pull the trigger and shoot deep, colourful single images that can be read as an entire book.
I am Antonio Cola an I live for all this.


Outstanding project

The Great Mother Dreaming


  • Film Director


  • camera-operator
  • lighting
  • editing
  • direction
  • scriptwriting
  • producer
  • adobe-cc

More work locations

  • London, Greater London, United Kingdom