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Athens, Attica, Greece

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About me

My name is Antonis Koutelias, and I am sound recordist and designer based in Athens, Greece.
I am a graduate of SAE Technology Group's Audio Engineering Diploma, year 2009-2010.

Over the past decade and through over 30 shorts, features and documentaries, I have developed the skills required to operate both on location as a recordist or boom operator, as well as in audio post production as a designer, editor, mixer and foley artist/engineer.

I am a calm, confident and straightforward individual. I always try to maintain a positive, friendly attitude, and resolve any differences that may arise diplomatically.
For that, my collaborations to this day have been very smooth, and my relationships with the rest of the crew very good. Good enough in fact, to have made several friends over the years.
Those, in addition to my consistently high performance, have made me a steady, "no brainer" choice for my past collaborators, and has lead to an influx of new ones.

In addition to my location and post production skills, or rather thanks to those, I've also turned to audio production and content providing, having produced and executed 5 major sound libraries, 4 with ambiance totaling over 600 atmospheres, and a vast foley collection with over 7600 sounds.
Recently I've began practicing in game audio and implementation.

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