B.T. Measles


Sound Designer

Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, United States

  • English


About me

I am a Post Production Sound Designer and Mixer, as well as a Production Boom Operator and Audio Mixer. With a background in Music, I became obsessed with sound and film after composing music for short films. I began cleaning/repairing production audio as part of my compositions (mostly out of necessity,) which lead to me learning as much as I can about sound in film. Since then, I have made it my passion and career to provide only the highest quality sound for films of all shape, size, length, and genre.
While new to the field, I work as hard as I can to know everything possible about my craft. My passion currently lies in the balance of science and art - knowing the rules and respecting tradition while doing whatever necessary to achieve the artistic goals of the Director.

Outstanding project

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  • Sound Designer


  • mixing
  • sound-design
  • boom-operating
  • dialogue-mixing
  • dialogue-editing
  • production-sound-mixer


  • Pro Tools 12
  • iZotope RX5 Advanced Audio Suite
  • Zoom F8

More work locations

  • San Francisco, San Francisco County, United States