Bernabe Salinas


DOP (director of photography)

Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico

  • English,
  • Spanish


About me

Bernabé Salinas is a Mexican Cinematographer/Cameraman. He studied Design and Visual communication at the National School of Fine Arts, UNAM, in Mexico City. Although he specialized in illustration, his interest for film and television led him to also take multimedia classes. After finishing his degree, he started his career as an illustrator, working on children's textbooks for different Mexican publishing houses, but soon made the transition into multimedia and television.
In 2005, he started working at the production company Cactus Film and Video Mexico, where he still works as equipment manager. At Cactus Bernabé has continued to develop his skills as a still photographer, cameraman, editor, soundman, etc .
He has worked for the news channels ABC News, BBC News and Al Jazeera English, as well as on corporate videos, documentaries, government information videos, as well as sports and social programmes for clients from Mexico, the United States and Europe. He also has a passion for still photography and Drawing.


  • DOP (director of photography)