Catherine Collard


Costume Interpreter

Barcelona, Barcelona, España

  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • French


About me name is Cathy Collard and I am 49years old. My proffession is Costume Cutter/Tailor or a Costume Interpriter.
As i have had a wide range of experiences, within the jobs and the life i have lead, i am able to forfill different roles within the Costume/Wardrobe department.
Running my own studio has meant that i have to source all stock, work with clients and lias with oursourcers. With this knowledge i am able to assist with the designers needs as well as the workroom needs.
I have worked and lived in UK and South Africa as well as having Spanish and French connections, this gives me a broad outlook on many aspects of my working and personnal life.
I enjoy all things Textile&Vintage, spending time in the garden and travelling.


  • Costume Interpreter


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