Daniel Jiménez Ontiveros


Production assistant

Madrid, Madrid, España

  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • Korean


About me

I am Daniel Jiménez Ontiveros... and work as a (job tittle, I guess is Production Assistant or that superheroe without a cape that saves the shooting when a big problem shows off)... since (year...Mmm...2015)
Too many steps in my career, passionate about everything (For real, i love everthing that exist in this life, even when the Internet doesn't work), achievements and goals are overrated, I just want to live a happy and wonderful life and work on what i like the most. (Film industry).
This is not my CV... I'm telling my dream to my audience (YOU), who am I in my own voice!

Outstanding project

La llamada


  • Production assistant


  • adobe-premiere
  • producing
  • working-with-actors
  • electrical-qualified
  • catering
  • assistant-director
  • work-under-presure
  • working-well-in-a-team
  • asertive
  • hard-worker
  • adobe-photoshop
  • non-stop-working
  • driving-license
  • da-vinci-resolve
  • shoot-schedulling


  • vehicle


  • Jorge Pallarés - 2018-04-10 - Project name: La llamada

    "He worked very hard on it. Every day with a smile and bringing good vibes to evryone"

    Participation confirmed