ENG camera operator

New York, New York, United States

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About me

My name's Danny...I work at Sinovision English Channel, since 2012. I shoot various different content almost every single day. My shooting experience had led me to a point where I can afford to own my own equipment and shoot regularly to practice and experiment various new methods.

Being an Camera Operator, sometimes means you're also a problem solver. Many times you have to be creative with your shots and unique to stand out. All these things have made me a better team player and a trustworthy crew member.

Website: http://dannymirabal.com


  • ENG camera operator


  • grip
  • editing
  • video-editing
  • directing-documentary
  • narrative-editing
  • gaffer-bestboy-spark
  • directing-self-shooter
  • directing
  • cinematographer
  • camera-assistant
  • camera
  • camera-operating


  • Canon C100 Mk 2
  • Rode RodeLink Wireless Filmmaker Kit
  • Benro Tripod

More work locations

  • Newark, Essex County, United States