Eleonora Busia


Production assistant

Firenze, Città Metropolitana di Firenze, Italia

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About me

I am Eleonora, a Creative Producer and Director.
Constantly on the move, I'm always traveling and willing to move for new projects.
Starting as a Production Assistant in London, I became a Creative Producer in 2015 working for TV Commercials at Diaframma Advertising - Italy.
I had the chance to work with clients such as Mattel and MGA and I keep producing my personal projects (see on ebufilms.com).

Passionate, creative, never stopping, hands-on, I just can't stop doing stuff.
My other passions are drawing comics and collecting unicorns.

Website: http://www.eleonorabu.com

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  • Production assistant


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  • Canon 60D
  • Mac Book Pro
  • Manfrotto Tripod

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  • Milano, Città Metropolitana di Milano, Italia