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About me

I am Flaminia Graziadei, multi award winning Director/ Producer since 15 years. 5 years ago I came back to London and created LonRom Film Production. Since then I've Directed and most of the time Produced, 4 shorts, 1 feature, 1 TV pilot for the Indian TV and 1 music video.
Currently I'm in pre-production with WebSex, a web series in collaboration with the Pinewood Studios and with Luton to Leicester, my second feature film.
LonRom Film is expanding with new collaborators and we are creating a brunch and a web channel, dedicated to brand live events and video production/direction. I'm very thrilled about this, as part of my experience focuses on site specific live events and on Choreography.Please find my show reel at www.lonromfilmproduction.com


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  • Roma, Città Metropolitana di Roma, Italia