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London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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About me

I am a Lighting Cameraman and Steadicam Specialist, with considerable expertise creating and delivering world-class pictures and sound for a variety of clients including BBC, ITV, S4C, RT UK, CH4, CH5 and Sky. In my roles, I engage directly with Directors to review/ interpret scripts and develop shooting scenarios, while demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of lighting and camera equipment to fulfil shoot requirements.

As a key part of the creative team, I can collaborate effectively across all production departments to ensure the best possible filming outcomes. I also have considerable experience in delivering risk assessments to ensure alignment to Health & Safety requirements on set.

Having worked across a variety of broadcast genres including Sport, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Children’s, Documentary, Promos and News & Current Affairs, I can adapt easily to production needs. As Camera Operator for Neon Productions, a global news agency, on behalf of the BBC I shot David Cameron’s statement addressing the Brexit result. This live feed was broadcast across the globe to billions of viewers, with no loss of picture or sound.

My areas of expertise include:

☛Lighting Camera Operator
☛Steadicam / Pedestal / Hand-held Operation
☛Live Studio / OB / Location Camera Operation & Supervision
☛Multi-camera PSC / Studio / ENG
☛Shoot Scenario Planning
☛Studio / Location Lighting
☛Team Leadership
☛Risk Assessment
☛Camera Equipment Knowledge
☛Following Camera Scripts

Website: http://www.camopuk.co.uk

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  • ENG camera operator


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  • Sony FS7
  • Sony PMW-200
  • Lighting & Sound Kit